Friday, June 13, 2014

Bride Groom Alcohol

Bride   Groom    Alcohol

Very few couples will experience their wedding day without enjoying the libations associated with the celebration of their union as husband and wife. A few more will partake only in a celebratory toast for the benefit of appearances or photo opportunity. A greater number will enjoy the mild feelings associated with indulging in a cocktail before dinner maybe a glass of wine with dinner and a couple more as they dance till the guests are leaving and they begin to prepare for their own departure. A few less however will begin the day with a shot to start the day of their new life as celebration of the coming events , followed by several more beverages with their bridal party members as they get ready for the ceremony, champagne, beer, shots of liquor of course are appropriate after the ceremony to properly ring in their new lives together, several more drinks while pictures are taking place to laugh on with, back into the limousine with the wet bar fully stocked, into the reception venue for another hour of unlimited access to a full bar, wine with dinner, shots after dessert, cordials with your coffee, and what the heck shots with each of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, your Godfather, your sister, the girlfriend of the Best man, the boyfriend of the Maid of honor and whoever else happens to offer to have “One to celebrate with”. It can get out of hand before you know it and then you will be wondering where the night went and what the heck happened.

Very few couples start out their wedding day with the intention of getting plastered. Regrettably, to the participants, it happens more frequently than it should. The lasting results of an overabundance of alcohol intake by the Bride, Groom, or both can’t be overstated. Pictures to look back on with pride and joy, don’t count on it. Memories of feeling the excitement of the prospect of your upcoming honeymoon and life together, not likely, more certainly memories of feelings of nausea, headache, and looking like Cindarella or Prince Charming after a loosing battle with a wild band of trolls. Your wedding dress ready to be preserved in near pristine condition to have to remind you of that magical day, yeah right if they can sew it back together and get the unknown stains out of it and sew back on the train that was never bustled correctly and looked sloppy all night.

Here are some very simple guidelines that you should consider for yourself, your spouse, and preferably your bridal party too.
·         No alcohol before the ceremony, at most a small glass of Champagne with your bridal party
·         Have more water & soft drinks than booze in the limousine.
·         No hard liquor in the limousine or after the ceremony before the reception
·         FOOD before the ceremony and immediately after and in the limousine for several reasons;
o   It’s a long day and without proper nourishment and hydration people make bad choices, get sick, pass out and generally can get pretty cranky and put a real damper on the situation
o   Food, especially fatty foods, slow the absorption of alcohol and if you are pacing your consumption that will help.
o   Typically if you are eating you are Not drinking as much, also a good thing.
·         Enjoy your alcoholic beverages like you would enjoy a course during dinner, if you savor the taste you are likely to drink slower and less, that’s good!
·         Wine during dinner should be treated as part of the meal, wines compliment and enhance your foods, they should be thought of as another ingredient of your dinner to enjoy similar to how certain starches compliment particular meats.
·         Know yourself, understand how alcohol works, a 120 pound Bride can not process the same amount of alcohol in the same amount of time as a 200 pound Groom.
·         Know each other, you are beginning your life together as husband and wife you must trust and respect each other to be able to say with full security and trust in the other to tell your spouse that they need to slow down, Trust and value the opinion of your spouse when they say you should slow down.

On your wedding day enjoy an adult beverage or two but keep your wits so you can look back with clarity and fully appreciate what is one of the most significant days of your lives.

Eat, Drink and be Married!!