Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who's Your Chef?

Who’s Your Chef?
     More importantly, who are you trusting to pick your chef for you? It’s a vital question to ask yourself and more so, difficult to answer. When meeting with our customers we highlight many common goals; expedient service, ample food, high quality foods, presentation and overall lasting impression the guests attending that night are going to be left with. While the success of an event is contingent on all aspects of the “Team” coming together in a well-coordinated and synergistic plan the number one topic on everyone’s mind, “Is the food good?”

“Fortune favors the prepared…”, Louis Pasteur. “The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare”, Bobby Knight.

     Two important quotes we all can improve our lives with. When making business decisions, which Chef should we hire?, it’s critical to consider these two quotes.
Samuel’s Grande Manor has a long history of bringing to their team the Chefs that have the required balance of finesse and brawn. Preparation through research, networking and the interview process Samuel’s Grande Manor began its’ reputation of hiring superb Chefs with Chef Marco Barry in 1977. World renowned International Chef, classically trained, Chef to Princes nearing the end of his career Chef Barry brought to Samuel’s the experience and skill a new restaurant and banquet facility that was preparing to be successful required. Chef Barry was the first of the many fine Chefs Samuel’s Grande Manor has had..

     The common denominator of the Chefs who have established Samuel's as the premier Wedding Facility has been their innovative and constantly evolving approach to a large volume kitchen proving to meet the goal we have with our clients. Great Food!, mixing the finesse of a fine restaurant with the brawn of a high volume banquet facility. We are excited about the new entrees we will be introducing over the next year and look forward to the reviews our clients will be sharing.

     Successful reputations over the long term aren’t achieved through chance or luck it is acquired through preparations leading to good decisions to bring the best available talent to your team.  Now when asking yourself “where should I choose to have my reception?” one of the questions you need to be asking is, who’s my Chef?


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