Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bridezilla the Myth!

 “My Day My Way” visions of the mythical Bridezilla immediately flash before your eyes. However, the truth is that every Bride should be indulged on this day, having every vision come to fruition and meeting every expectation she has dreamed of for this once in a lifetime experience.

Brides are not making unrealistic requests or expecting unreasonable tasks to be accomplished in order to complete their day in the fashion that they have been forming in their minds for months if not years. Brides have a vision of their day specific to them and it is the task of the professionals to make those dreams be a reality.  

And therein lies the key, the “Experienced Professional” who treats every wedding as if it is their daughter’s. Professionals who believe that a couples wedding day is the start of their new life, the most important day of their life and that marriage is the center of their lives. Professionals who lead by asking questions and providing answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet. Lead, guide, inform, and assist couples to formulate a plan and clarify their visions are the primary responsibilities of every wedding professional. Brides that hire qualified, competent, experienced professionals in every wedding category will never be the BrideZilla.

Every Bride has their own distinct personality that molds their wedding day into an event that is truly unique to them. There is no one best way to achieve a fantastic wedding day. Memorable wedding days don’t just happen, they are assembled by a team of professionals understanding that a Brides fantasy wedding needs to be extracted from her visions piece by piece and reassembled into their own special day.

The only requests to be denied are those extremely rare requests that would truly reflect poorly on the Bride, her families or the professional she is working with. There is no right or wrong way, no better or worse way there is only the Brides way and not because she is selfish or inconsiderate but for one reason; she deserves it.

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